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How Long is Statesville Haunted House?

Statesville haunted house which is basically a haunted prison is one large haunted house, for an average it would take 45 mins to complete the entire walk and this would be a memorable 45 minutes for sure, if you are too afraid to visit then don’t because people who get afraid really easily find it hard to survive and I have seen people ask for a refund, and that is shameful to be honest but the ticketing policies are pretty clear for any haunted house, you have paid to get scared and that’s what they are doing and if you can’t handle that they are not obliged to pay you back for doing what they promised to do.

For a number of people it is way too much to go through 45 minutes of thrill and adventure and that is completely fine but all the have to do is realize that before they enter the frame because once they have paid and entered the show it will not be refunded, to my surprise there was a large number of people asking for money back at different events and I thought maybe they didn’t like it and was sort of a protest but then I got to know that they were too scared and everything seemed real to them and they just couldn’t handle it, then I realized what a good job the actors and producers of these haunted houses are doing because honestly it was anything but scary at first. Scariest haunted house in Ohio is a title which is well fought because of the number of haunted houses here as people from different states know that if they want to get the best haunted house experience then they have to head to Ohio.

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