FILE PHOTO: Google app is seen on a smartphone in this illustration

What is DuckDuckGo Search Engine?

It seems that no matter where you look, Google will be playing a role in your life at the very least to a certain extent. Billions of people use phones that have Google’s Android operating system, and even the ones that prefer Apple would most likely use Google’s fundamental product which is its search engine. Indeed, there is a pretty good chance that if you wanted to refer to searching for something online, you would probably just say that you were going to Google it.

While it can be hard to break out of the Google dominated search engine sphere, reading a bit deeper into how does the google search engine work will show you that it is not a very good option if you think about it objectively. This is because of the fact that Google is not a very privacy conscious search engine because it usually doesn’t anonymize the data that it collects. If you want to stay more private while searching for things, the truth of the situation is that DuckDuckGo is a far safer choice.

DuckDuckGo is a powerful search engine that is starting to show people that there is a way to connect them with the sites they love without infringing on their rights to privacy or turning them into a product in and of themselves. The fact of the matter is that you can feel completely secure while using this search engine, and you will also get objective results instead of having them be dictated by some kind of an algorithm that will only feed you the information that it wants you to know about which can result in a skewed perspective about the world.

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